Town Officials and Committees:

Town Office:
17 Main St
Cornish Maine 04020
207 625-4324
Fax: 207 625 4416

Board of Selectmen:
Dan Sherman – Chair 2021
Chris Calnan- 2022
David Pike-2023

Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Treasurer, Registrar of Voters:
Diane Harrington
207 625 4324

Deputy Town Clerk, Bookkeeper, Administrative Assistant to Selectmen:
Monique Guptill
207 625 4324

Cornish Planning Board:
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Jessica Larson – Chairperson
Mary (Angel) Eastman – Vice Chair
Desirae Batchelder- Secretary(non voting)
Eve Bergstrom
Erica Craig
Kenneth Hall
Nancy Perkins
Sandra Watts

Code Enforcement Officer, Building and Plumbing Inspector:
Wes Sunderland
207 625 7000

Road Commissioner:
Robert Sturgeon
207 625 4324

Animal Control Officer:
Kristen Russell- Perkins
207 807-9071
Sean Perkins- Deputy
207 651-5441


Cornish Fire Department:
Scott Pingree – Chief
Alan Gilpatrick – Asst. Chief
Gerald Day – 2nd Asst. Chief

Christopher Calnan – 3rd Asst. Cheif

York County EMA Local Director: Cornish and Parsonsfield:
Mathieu Cama

Local Health Officer:
Jessica Larson

Board Members for S.A.D. #55:
Margaret Hoxie – 2021
Nancy Perkins – 2020
Brad Perkins- 2022

Cornish Water District Trustees:
Lorie Pike – Chair 2021
Heidi Cates – Clerk 2019
Craig Jones – Trustee 2021
Chad Pike – Trustee 2022
Todd Tufts – Trustee 2023
John Watts –Trustee 2023
207 625-8642

Cornish Fairgrounds Committee:
Diann Perkins – President
Telephone – 207 625 3281

Victoria Perry– Vice President
Kaye Blake- Treasurer
Mary (Angel) Eastman-Secretary
Linwood Perkins – Groundskeeper
Steven Smith – Groundskeeper
James Ray (Cornish Trotting Comm.)
Monique Guptill
Vinal Pendexter
Glenn Rankin
Stefany Rankin

Cornish Parks and Recreation:
** Seeking new members* Contact the town office if interested in serving. **
Diann Perkins – Treasurer
Tom Pingree – Secretary
Scott Pingree – Acting Co-Chair
Byron Harrington

Pike Hall Committee:
John MacIntyre – Chair
Anne MacIntyre – Secretary
Peggi Aspinall
Sharon Beever
Laura Carr
Sandy Howe
Diann Perkins
James Ray

Cornish Sewer District:
Steve Smith – Chair
Ron Taylor – Operator
Kate Benson – Secretary/Treasurer

Cornish Recycling Committee:
***Seeking new members* Contact the town office if interested in serving. **
Scott Cecil
*** Recycling Guide***
*Click here to download a town recycling flyer.*

Flag and Parks Committee:
Katherine Blake
Craig Adam
Ryan Lane
Jessica Larson

Saco River Corridor Commission: Cornish
Laura Turner

Kelley Newton

Cornish Sno-Cruisers
President & Trail Master – George Dubois
Vice-President – Louis Dropski
Secretary/Treasurer – Brenda Dubois

207 793-4730

Sealer of Weights and Measures:
State Deputy, Department of Agriculture, Augusta, ME