As of next DOG LICENSING YEAR, OCTOBER 2018 TO JANUARY 31, 2019. The town will be able to register their Dogs online. Also, let them know that the last day to do so is January 31, 2019 and the licensing portal is only open on dates stated above. - Anna, Deputy Town Clerk

Town Officials

Town Office:
17 Main St
Cornish Maine 04020

Phone: 207 625 4324
Fax: 207 625 4416

Board of Selectmen

Dan Sherman – Chair 2021

Chris Calnan- 2019

David Pike-2020

All meetings are open to the public however please call in advance to place an item on the agenda.

Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Treasurer, Registrar of Voters
Diane Harrington
207 625 4324

Deputy Town Clerk, Bookkeeper, Administrative Assistant to Selectmen
Monique Guptill
207 625 4324

Code Enforcement Officer, Building and Plumbing Inspector
Wes Sunderland
207 625 7000

Road Commissioner
Robert Sturgeon
207 625 4324

York County EMA Local Director: Cornish and Parsonsfield
Mathieu Cama

Local Health Officer:
Jessica Larson

Board Members for S.A.D. #55:
Margaret Hoxie – 2021
Nancy Perkins – 2020
Brad Perkins- 2019


Cornish Fire Department:
Scott Pingree – Chief
Alan Gilpatrick – Asst. Chief
Gerald Day – 2nd Asst. Chief

Cornish Fairgrounds Committee:
Diann Perkins – President 625 3281
Glenn Rankin – Vice President
Kaye Blake- Treasurer
Angel Eastman-Secretary
Sherry Blaney-Allen
Linwood Perkins – Groundskeeper
Steven Smith – Groundskeeper
James Ray (Cornish Trotting Comm.)
Vinal Pendexter

Cornish Planning Board:
Jessica Larson – Chairperson
Emily Ward – Vice Chair
Desirae Batchelder- Secretary(non voting)
Kenneth Hall
Eve Bergstrom
Nancy Perkins
Sandra Watts
Stephanie Smith

Cornish Parks and Recreation:
*** Seeking new members* Contact the town office if interested in serving. ***
Tom Pingree – Acting Co-Chair
Scott Pingree – Acting Co-Chair
Diann Perkins
Byron Harrington

Pike Hall Committee:
Joe Kendall
Allaire Palmer
Nancy Perkins
Peggi Aspinall
John MacIntyre
Ann MacIntyre
Sandy Howe

Cornish Recycling Committee:
*** Seeking new members* Contact the town office if interested in serving. ***
Jennifer Otenti – Chair
Scott Cecil – Secretary
Jack Bash
Clifton Sargent

* * * 2017 Cornish Recycling Guide * * *
*Click here to download a town recycling flyer.*

Eagle Mill Park Committee:
Meredith Harding
Ken Hall
Carlton Candage
Sandy Howe
Diane Perkins

Cornish Water District Trustees:
Phone: 207-625-8642
Heidi Cates – Clerk 2019
John Watts – 2020
Craig Jones 2021
Todd Tufts 2020
Lorie Pike 2021

Saco River Corridor Commision: Cornish
Jack Bash – Primary Commissioner
Jennifer Otenti – Secondary Commissioner

Cornish Sno-Cruisers
Phone: 207-793-4730
President & Trail Master – George Dubois
Vice-President – Monique Miller
Secretary/Treasurer – Brenda Dubois

Sealer of Weights and Measures:
State Deputy, Department of Agriculture, Augusta, ME