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Online Services

Vehicle re-registration: https://www1.maine.gov/online/bmv/rapid-renewal/

Trailer: https://www1.maine.gov/online/bmv/trailerrenewal/

Boat: https://www5.informe.org/online/boat/

Snowmobile and ATV: https://moses.informe.org/online/atv_snow/index.htm

Burn Permits: https://www13.informe.org/burnpermit/public/index.html

Fish and Wildlife licenses: https://moses.informe.org/cgi-bin/online/moses_v3/index

Voter Registration Application: https://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/elec/upcoming/pdf/voterregcard20.pdf

Absentee Ballot Request: https://www1.maine.gov/cgi-bin/online/AbsenteeBallot/index.pl

Tracking Absentee Ballot: https://apps.web.maine.gov/cgi-bin/online/AbsenteeBallot/ballot_status.pl?fbclid=IwAR0XyPoDpplZ7bfDNkVbKqn1cLkIAAId_8j9PyUQcWTzzsbS8P-HtzRMc64

Dog Licenses: https://www1.maine.gov/cgi-bin/online/dog_license/index.pl

Dog licenses are issued by the Town Hall. Licenses are issued for one year ending December 31st. Licenses fees are as follows:
*Neutered/ Spayed Dog – $6.00 each dog
* Unaltered Male or Female – $11.00 each dog

According to State of Maine Law, any dog over age 6 months must be licensed by January 31st. You must present the following at the time of registration for each dog:
* A current Maine rabies certificate
*A neutering certificate if the dog has been altered

LATE FEE: Effective February 1st of each year, there will be a late fee of $25.00, plus the $6 or $11 fee mentioned above for each dog.

For on-line registrations, you will need to have: a credit card, a rabies certificate, your veterinarian’s information, a license/tag number (if a renewal), and a spay or neuter certificate (if your dog has been altered). The online dog licensing service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!